Acupuncture originated around 100 BC in China.

Fine, hair-like needles are inserted into painful areas to disperse blocked qi or blood. Special points are also used which may improve the body's energy, nourish blood, harmonise Qi and balance Yin & Yang.

Initial consultations in acupuncture treatment involve an in depth analysis about the physical or mental condition of your experiencing, how it actually started as well as your general health. Being a holistic therapy I try to comprehend your condition as an aspect of your entire body in acupuncture. I may even perform an examination, which may include checking body parts, looking at the tongue and feeling the pulses.

A diagnosis is going to be done keeping in mind TCM principles and the process of how you are going to be treated with acupuncture will be talked about with you before I start.

The treatment involves insertion of pre-sterilised disposable fine needles through the skin at specific points that run along the meridians of the body. Depending on the treatment's location, my patients either lie down or sits. They may feel several sensations, which are generally described as numbness, tingling, heaviness or warmth typically in the area that has been needled.

Professional and registered Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture practitioners like myself work quite gently. If my patients face any kind of discomfort ever while they're at my clinic, I make sure to make the necessary adjustments until they feel more comfy. The other techniques that I use include cupping, Chinese herbal medicine , TCM remedial massage and moxibustion. Acupuncture has in most instances always been painless for my patients.

After a session of acupuncture treatment my patients often tell me that that their painful areas get loosened and free & the whole body feels relaxed & light. The number of treatments a person need depends on his or her specific condition. In most of the cases, people experience a reduction in their symptoms within just a few sessions. Acupuncture's idea is to restore natural balance of energy inside the human body. After the balance is restored, the body may be able to take care of itself & no treatments are further needed.

As a natural form of medical system, acupuncture:

  • offers drug free treatment
  • has little or no side effects
  • treats the underlying cause of most disease & illness & their symptoms
  • offers an holistic approach
  • is safe, sustainable & works well on most  people

Through practice & experience, I have often seen that this form of natural treatment is beneficial especially for anxiety during pregnancy, digestive problems, general health, children's health, weight loss, alleviating pain, promoting circulation, chronic disease management, drug & alcohol issues, respiratory & seasonal disorders and women's heath.

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