Is acupuncture painful ?

No acupuncture is generally pain free, there is a needling sensation though that is important to attain called De Qi, which is like a dull aching sensation that passes within a few seconds of being attained, this is very important to attain De Qi for the treatment to be of benefit to the patient.

Is acupuncture safe ?

Acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment method, with no known side effects, Acupuncture has been practiced for nearly 5,000 years in China, combined with Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine it is one of the safest and most beneficial of Complimentary Medical systems in the world today, and is quickly becoming recognised through research to be a most beneficial treatment system when combined with modern western medicine. 

How do I know if the Acupuncturist is qualified ?

Since the 1st of july 2012 it is now federal law that anyone who practices acupuncture or traditional chinese medicine must be registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Registration Authority (AHPRA) and the federal chinese medicine registration board of australia, it is illegal for any one not registered with these two authorities to claim to be an acupuncturist, a traditional chinese medicine practitioner or use any other term that may infer that they are qualified to practice as a chinese medicine practitioner or acupuncturist (the term dry needling is a way that these illegal practitioners are trying to circumvent the new federal law). These new laws have been implemented to protect the general public from unqualified people who make claims that are totally false concerning their qualifications and abilities as practitioners, it is most important that when you make an appointment with any practitioner for acupuncture or traditional chinese herbal medicine and that they are

  1. Registered with AHPRA and the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia. And can give their registration number with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia
  2. That they are also registered with a recognised practitioner association such as AACMA or ATMS or one of the other recognised associations.
  3. There is a growing use of the term dry needling used by practitioners such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, osteopaths and even podiatrists, this is a term used to circumvent the new federal laws regarding Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, these practitioners  do at best a minimal crash course of only 2 days in some instances.
  4. These practitioners use Acupuncture needles and have very little skill or knowledge of proper techniques in the use of Acupuncture needles, registered Acupuncturists are governed by the skin penetration act of australia , but these other practitioners have no regard or do not comply with this act, so for your own safety make sure that if you are being treated by someone who suggests that they perform dry needling, that they are fully qualified in the use of these techniques and ask them to explain the extent of their training.