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Acupuncture Doesn't Hurt

Acupuncture Doesn't Hurt
06 May 2015
There are a lot of people who do not try acupuncture because they feel scared that the needles will hurt them or that they will have an unpleasant experience. This is a real tragedy because acupuncture really has the capability of effectively treating different kinds of chronic health conditions, which doesn't respond well to other kinds of treatments. 
I have been practising  acupuncture in Northern Beaches for years and I  have used it to treat both adults as well as children. In fact, I have done acupuncture treatments fully on kids as young as four years of age, including needling points on scalp, face, feet and hands. Patients of this age even did not experience any kind of discomfort. 
It is true that nobody likes needles. Moreover, we usually have an aversion to them because of the trauma that's involved in getting the shots and other kinds of processes using the hypodermic needles. Its quite funny when new patients come in and tell me in a voice which show that their condition is very much unique, “I do not like needles”. Most of my new patients have made this confession and the best part is most of them were amazed by how pleasant the treatment was even with insertion of needles. 
There may be times when you will feel the insertion prick with needles but that only lasts for a second or two. You may even feel a nervy sensation, which radiates via the area that's being worked on for that brief time period. Other kinds of sensations include pressure around needles or dull achiness. 
There are several traditional Chinese medicine doctors whose style of needling is more aggressive. Their style of working involves usage of thick needles and strong stimulation. I've found this to be a turnoff for a lot of Australians because great results can only be achieved without having to induce any strong sensation around needles. 
If you happen to be interested in the treatment of acupuncture but are unwilling to try it because of the pain that's involved, I would further ask you to move through that fear because you'll probably find acupuncture to be a gentle, pleasant and an effective form of treating your health conditions. 


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