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Acupuncture For Headaches

Acupuncture For Headaches
06 Oct 2015
What is a headache? 
A headache is a pain in head. It has some cause and can result from several factors such as tension, vascular problems, muscle contraction, abscesses, injury or withdrawal from some medications. 
Different kinds of headache 
There are three types of headaches – cervicogenic, tension-type and migraine. 
Cervicogenic headache is a kind of headache that has been diagnosed recently. They are typically musculoskeletal in nature and may be caused by pain in spine or neck, which is transferred to head. This kind of headache can go undiagnosed for their recent classification. 
On the other hand, tension-type headaches are very common. Patients who suffer from this type generally feel mild to moderate pain on both sides of head. The pain is described as constricting, stiff or tight. It feels like something is tied around the head & squeezed tightly. 
Migraines are not that frequent as tension-type headaches. A far few people are affected with migraines. They do not stay for a long period of time but their symptoms are quite severe. They affect women a lot more than men. Pain occurs on one side of the head and may be so severe that they can cause blurred vision, loss of appetite, vomiting and nausea. 
Who experiences headache? 
Headache is the most common physical complaint, which urge people to seek the assistance of professionals or treat themselves. Nearly everyone at some point or other in life has suffered or will suffer from headache. 
What does acupuncture do for headaches? 
TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine has a consistent & philosophically-based framework for headache physiology, etiology, diagnosis & treatment strategy. As an effective mode of treatment, acupuncture has been applied to different kinds of head pains right from the days when the practice of TCM begun. 
Acupuncture has not only proved effective in treating migraine headaches in Northern Beaches but also tension headaches, post-traumatic headaches, cluster headaches & disease-related headaches. The biggest benefit of acupuncture over Western medication is that it doesn't do any harm virtually. A few medicines may have severe side effects & lead to rebound headaches in patients. Unlike synthetic drugs, the practice of acupuncture has got no side effects & the procedures for treating headaches are very much less invasive in comparison to surgery. 


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