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Acupuncture Increases the Chance of Conception in Women

Acupuncture Increases the Chance of Conception in Women
23 Jul 2014

When acupuncture is used in combination with Western fertility treatments, it increases the rate of conception by twenty-six percent. Acupuncture increases fertility by increasing the flow of blood to the reproductive organ, balancing endocrine system and reducing stress.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine consists of gentle insertion as well as stimulation of the disposable, thin sterile needles at a few strategic points near the body’s surface. More than two thousand acupuncture points on human body connect with fourteen main pathways, known as meridians. The practitioners of Chinese medicine think that these channels conduct energy or qi between the internal organs and body’s surface. It is thus this energy, which regulates emotional, spiritual, physical and mental balance. When its flow is disrupted by improper health habits or conditions, disease and/or pain may result. Acupuncture helps keep normal energy flow unblocked increasing the chances for women to conceive.

Infertility treatment with acupuncture improves every cause of this obstruction. Forty percent of it is caused by problems in female like endometriosis and anovulation.  

Stress is actually a major cause of infertility. What basically happens is that when people suffer from stress, a hormone called cortizol is released in brain. This hormone alters the neurochemical balance of the brain, thereby changing the levels of hormone and disrupting pituitary balance, which is the main thing of reproductive cycle. Due to a delicate balance between pituitary, hypothalamus and the reproductive glands, anxiety and stress is capable to prevent a female from ovulating completely. Stress may even cause spasms in both uterus and fallopian tubes, which may interfere with the movement as well as implantation of the fertilized egg. Acupuncture infertility treatment generally contradicts the impact of stress and the hormone by releasing endorphins in brain. 

Hormonal balance need not have to be disturbed by the hormone that’s released in brain to cause the problem of infertility. Female infertility is basically a disorder of ovulation where the release of a mature egg from ovary is hindered mainly because of hormonal problems. Without much progesterone, the fetus may not be able to attach to uterus. Prolactin produced in high levels may even prevent the ovulation.

I run a clinic where I treat women suffering from conception and infertility problems to increase their chances of fertility in NB.


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