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Acupuncture May Boost Conception Success

Acupuncture May Boost Conception Success
15 Dec 2014

It has been estimated in the recent years that a number of Australian women have been unable to get pregnant even after a year of trying to conceive. As a result a lot of them have turned to the traditional fertility treatments for assistance. Many women are also trying out alternative therapies like acupuncture, says Northside Acupuncture’s Robert Bradford, the reputed practitioner of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine.

For whatever reason it is, nowadays more and more women are delaying childbirth into their late 30s and early 40s. And because of this more and more women are having difficulty in getting pregnant.

We all know that women’s fertility basically declines as she grows older. But that doesn’t mean a woman won’t be able to get pregnant! There are a number of traditional options for battling infertility. The option basically depends upon the underlying cause of infertility, whether it is a male factor or it is a matter of egg quality in woman, trouble ovulating, blocked Fallopian tubes or some other problem.

Depending on the cause, the fertility doctor recommends taking drugs for stimulating ovulation or in vitro fertilization or intrauterine insemination. A lot of doctors even ask their patients to go for an acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture is basically an ancient Chinese treatment, which involves placing of the tiny-like hair needles in skin as a way of stimulating the energy point, which are thought to be central to your mental, spiritual, physical and emotional balance. It is used for treating different kinds of maladies like back pain and headaches. In case of fertility, the needles are placed in the energy points linked to reproductive organs for improving the flow of energy to those areas.

Most of the women who have chosen acupuncture are doing it together with the traditional infertility treatments. Actually nothing seemed to work for many couples who have undergone several cycles of IVF or other kinds of fertility treatments. Moreover, fertility treatments are even quite expensive. So, couples are mainly looking for treatment options that can give them a greater chance of success.

Acupuncture won’t hurt you much. The needles will sting a bit when doing it for the first time but then you will get used to it. You won’t feel the pain rather you will feel a lot more relaxed. Acupuncture will make you feel good and help in reducing the levels of stress. It can also improve the blood supply to ovaries improving their function and the uterus which makes it easier to nourish a fetus and reduces the risk of miscarriage. So, don’t dismiss acupuncture right away if you have a needle phobia.

So, if you are interested on pursuing acupuncture for increasing your chances of conception, find someone who is licensed and trained in acupuncture and has a lot of experience like Robert Bradford.  


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