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Acupuncture Works for Children As Well !

Acupuncture Works for Children As Well !
09 Apr 2014

Acupuncture has been practiced in China and many other Asian countries for thousands of years. It involves stimulating the definite points on the body. This is often done by inserting fine, thin needles through the skin, for causing a change in the physical functions of the human body. Research has shown that acupuncture reduces headaches, vomiting after surgery, nausea, treats digestion problems, women’s health, improves psychological conditions and provides a relief from pain to people. And the best thing about acupuncture is that it works for children as well.

Although needles and kids are a bad combination, acupuncture works great for kids. So, if you want your child to stay healthy and fit, make sure you visit an acupuncture center with your little one. Acupuncture is, in fact, amazingly effective in treating different childhood ailments. It helps stimulate the body to heal itself without the use of drugs, which causes harmful or unwanted side effects. Common problems like respiratory infections, ear aches, bedwetting, digestive troubles, and much more may get resolved with acupuncture treatment. It is the safest way to help your little one heal.

The Questions I am Often Asked About Acupuncture for Kids

What should be the minimum age of the child to get acupuncture?

Generally, I would suggest a seven year old or someone older, however, sometimes children who are younger are even great candidates. A pediatric however, can use acupuncture on children of all the ages. But before using it, he/she should access the child’s willingness for acupuncture.

Are acupuncture treatments on children and adult different?

This depends on both the practitioner and the child. While performing this treatment on a kid, the acupuncturist has the option of retaining the needles on the body for a less time. Many times, qualified and certified acupuncturists insert needles and remove them immediately while treating kids.

According to Chinese medicine, kids are very responsive and have pure energy. For this reason, their reactions to acupuncture occur very quickly, which means retaining the needles for a long time that’s typically observed in adult acupuncture sitting is not necessary.

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