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Can Acupuncture Help In Alleviating Muscle Pain?

Can Acupuncture Help In Alleviating Muscle Pain?
20 Nov 2015
Nowadays, medical science seems to have a remedy for every existing illness in the world. Even for such temporary problems as muscle pain, there is a wide range of treatment methods available. The two most common ones among them are physical therapy and pain medications. But sometimes, physical therapy may fail to bear positive results or the patient might be unable to take any medication. In that case, the alternative which would work the best is acupuncture. Although some people may tend to overlook its effectiveness, acupuncture is an excellent yet simple treatment for all kinds of physical pain. 
According to professional acupuncturists and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, acupuncture can be used in many different forms for treating muscle pain. The one involving insertion of needles is the most effective, and stimulates the body to produce natural painkillers known as endorphins so that the patient can feel relaxed and mobile. They also provide relief from stress and help repair tense muscles that contribute to the pain. 
Apart from masking the pain and reducing stress, acupuncture is also very effective against pains resulting from tight muscle or fascial adhesion. The problem is simply resolved by inserting a needle in the origin of the pain or the point where adhesion has taken place. In case the lifestyle of the patient is such that it exacerbates the problem, he or she may have to be administered with a handful of acupuncture sessions. Otherwise, 1 or 2 treatments would be more than enough to alleviate the problem.
Releasing endorphins is just one way using which acupuncture follows to provide relief from muscle pain. However, there is one more thing that acupuncture does to resolve aching muscles. As soon as the needles are inserted in the affected areas, fresh blood rushes to those parts. They start receiving fresh nutrients in adequate quantities, which furthers quickens the recovery and healing of damaged tissues such as torn tendons. Hence, the causes of the pain get eliminated from their primary sources.
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