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Can Fertility Problems Be Inherited?

Can Fertility Problems Be Inherited?
06 Jul 2016
Are your parents somehow responsible for the fact that you are not being able to conceive? Or is it possible that your children are going to face the same struggles when trying to have kids that you did? There are many people who wonder whether fertility issues are hereditary or not. To be honest, medical science still does not have enough evidence to advocate either for or against the assumption. However, there are certainly supporting proven theories which state clearly that certain problems responsible for impeding a successful pregnancy can be genetic. Fortunately, there are various clinics offering fertility treatment in Northern Beaches for these problems.
Let’s have a look at the infertility-triggering conditions that can be passed down by mothers to their daughters:
This condition occurs when the uterine tissues reside somewhere outside the uterus. It is also one of those common causes of infertility that can be hereditary. However, endometriosis is curable when treated using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) by a qualified practitioner. Also, it is quite rare for endometriosis to be inherited by a daughter from the mother.
Ovulation Problems
These are quite tricky to determine if they have been passed down by the mother. This is because they may or may not be genetic. There are plenty of causes that can trigger ovulation problems, which makes it tough to assert for sure whether they are hereditary or not. But the good part is that these issues can be resolved using appropriate acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine treatment and Chinese massage
Lifestyle Factors
In case you or your partner has got fertility issues because of lifestyle factors, chances are high for them to be passed on to the future generations. For instance, if your pregnancy is being impeded by exposure to heavy metals or harmful chemicals, it can quite easily be picked up by your children and also grandchildren.
Thus, these are the main fertility problems that are capable of jumping from one generation to the next. However, they can be successfully stopped and even eliminated with the help of TCM. So if you are suffering from any one of the above mentioned issues, get in touch with Robert Bradford. He is an accredited member of Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association. He is also registered with the National Chinese Medicine Board of Australia for Divisions of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.
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