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Can Insomnia Occur In Different Ways?

Can Insomnia Occur In Different Ways?
16 Feb 2017
Most people believe that insomnia is a condition characterised by the inability to fall asleep even after several hours past one’s bedtime, which is true to a great extent. However, very few are actually aware of the fact that the disorder can manifest itself in a number of ways. To be exact, specialists have even classified those ways into different categories of insomnia, which are being mentioned below for reference:
Known popularly as short-term or acute insomnia, this one generally arises from intense stress and can be a great disturbance to healthy sleep. However, it tends to go away as soon as the sufferer becomes adjusted with their stress or manages to get done with it altogether.
Occurring mostly in small children, behavioural insomnia manifests when a child refuses to go to bed on time. When kids are enforced with a specific bedtime, sleep comes to them at a particular hour. However, if parents or guardians fail to do so, a child can stay awake for many hours past midnight.
Perhaps the most malignant form of insomnia, this one begins either during infancy or in childhood, but continues throughout adulthood. So far, it has not been explained by any specific cause, since there are not any.
Substance or Drug Usage-Related
As its classification suggests, this particular kind of insomnia stems from use of:
  • Alcohol
  • Medication
  • Caffeine
  • Specific food
Consumption or usage of the substance disturbs the otherwise healthy sleep patterns.
This one is a condition of severe insomnia, but occurs without any objective proof of disturbance to sleep patterns. The daytime effects of this condition vary in intensity. The sufferer may experience one or more sleepless nights, and be extremely aware of their external surroundings (hyperarousal).
The condition is triggered by excessive worrying from primary focus on one’s inability to fall asleep. The sufferer usually begins overthinking about feeling fatigued the next day due to lack of sleep and becomes anxious & tense with the approaching bedtime. All of it contributes to their ultimate disorder of staying awake for hours at night.
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