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Can Your Smartphone Give You Aches?

Can Your Smartphone Give You Aches?
16 Sep 2016
Can you imagine even a single day of your life without your smartphone or tablet? No, because that small buzzbox you spend hours on everyday contains a lot of your precious files & documents, including music, apps, pictures, assignments, videos, etc. Besides that, you also use it to stay in touch with your peeps through texts, calls and social media. However, little do you realise that the mild ache you have been experiencing behind your neck is triggered by the same smartphone you consider so important. Don’t believe it? Have a look at the different weird pains that can be caused by excess use of smartphones:
Neck Pain
Most people do not maintain a proper posture at the time of texting with their cellular devices. Looking down on the screen when typing puts around 27 kilos of pressure directly on the spine, which is far more than the pressure exerted while standing upright or walking. With passage of time, the muscles and tenderness in the neck begin to spasm, and even the bones may start changing.
Back Ache
While bending over the phone to look at its screen, more than the head of an individual tilts forward. The frontal muscles in the shoulders and neck become tighter, whereas the ones in the rear part get weaker. The results of this muscle imbalance are tension and back pain, which may even disturb the sleeping patterns.
Pain In The Wrists
People who have to sit and type for hours on a computer or laptop can suffer from a condition known as the text claw, which is caused due to keeping the wrists fixed in texting position for long period of time. However, text claw is not just restricted to heavy typists, it can affect smartphone users as well, putting too much strain on the wrist tendons and joints.
Elbow Pain
Texting via a cellular device requires one to bend their elbow in a flexed position. This puts stress on the nerves passing via the elbow joint and causes a tingling pain to spread from there throughout the entire hand. It may also strain the muscles in the forearm way too much.
If you are suffering from one or more of the above mentioned pains, there are several therapies that you can opt for, one of which is Traditional Chinese Medicine. The combined treatment of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can alleviate all kinds of body aches and provide long-term relief.
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