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Causes & Treatment Of Perimenopausal Symptoms

Causes & Treatment Of Perimenopausal Symptoms
27 Apr 2017
According to collective studies and research, women in the developed nations are more prone to peri-menopausal discomforts than women in underdeveloped countries. From surveys, it has even been found that Asian women are a lot less likely to suffer from any adverse symptoms due to the cessation of their menstrual cycle.
In the context of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), symptoms of perimenopause generally surface because of accumulated tension triggered by stressors from our fast-paced modern lives - little time to rest, over scheduled, excessive consumption of caffeinated beverages, and constant moving around. On the other hand, medical experts from the West strongly believe the soy-based diet which Asian women follow contains phyto-estrogens that has a protective impact against various symptoms of perimenopause.
It has been observed that women accustomed to a Western lifestyle often start experiencing the symptoms of menopause in their early 40’s or mid 30’s, despite the fact that the condition is actually supposed to begin setting in around the age of 49 or so. TCM explains this by putting forward the theory that these women encounter a wide variety of stresses since they have to balance child-rearing duties, careers and household responsibilities. They ultimately have to lead a hurried and fast-paced lifestyle, the stress of which causes them to feel tightened up and tensed. The tension in turn constrains their emotions, thereby resulting in mood fluctuations like anger, irritability and depression. All these things lead to stagnation of the Qi flow, and that further paves way for symptoms like night sweats, ear ringing, dizziness, hot flashes and migraine headaches. Deficiency of the Qi throughout the body brings about fatigue and exhaustion as well, leaving one with not enough energy to carry out their daily activities.
Fortunately, perimenopausal symptoms can be alleviated effectively with the help of TCM, particularly acupuncture and Chinese herbal remedies, according to experts offering alternative therapy for menopause in Northern Beaches. There are specific Chinese herbal formulas which can nourish & circulate the Qi, thus decreasing and alleviating the symptoms. Dietary changes like consumption of mint tea and soy products can aid in relieving perimenopausal complaints. Activities such as meditation, yoga and qigong can help to get rid of excessive stress. In addition to adopting these things, certain stuffs must also be avoided, including coffee, too much pressure and overthinking.
If you are suffering from perimenopausal symptoms, then don’t hesitate to get in touch at once with TCM expert Robert Bradford at Northside Acupuncture, a reputed Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic in the Northern Beaches.
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