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Chinese Massage And Its Primary Techniques

Chinese Massage And Its Primary Techniques
14 Jun 2016
In the modern times, you will find that there are various types of massage available that can help to tackle pain as well as provide several health benefits. Some of them are of Western origin, whereas others were formulated centuries ago in the Eastern world. One such effective technique belonging to the latter category is Chinese massage, which is itself a part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
According to the present day practitioners of Chinese massage  there are several methods that can be applied to relax the muscles inside a human body. Besides providing relaxation, these methods can also offer a wide range of healing benefits and provide relief from certain ailments.
The foremost technique of Chinese massage is known as Amno, which involves rubbing and pressing the muscles to rejuvenate one’s health. It is also very advantageous when used to enhance stamina and performance. 
The second essential technique is Tui Na, comprising grabs and pushes that have been proven to be effective in the treatment of muscle problems and internal disorders. Tui Na also has an alternative suitable for small kids, which is known as Infant Tui Na. It is one of the primary therapies used while treating babies with TCM. 
Then there is Dian Xue, a Chinese massage technique used in such situations where acupuncture needles cannot be utilised due to complications. It involves applying pressure at specific points (acupoints located along the meridians through which the vital energy Qi flows).
The final method in the context of Chinese massage  is Wai Qi Liao Fa, which must be administered by a practitioner who has trained under a Qigong expert for several years. Wai Qi Liao Fa accomplishes healing by establishing a direct connection with Qi.
Chinese massage experts believe that the physical and mental conditions of a person are linked with his or her Qi. They generally complete the process of healing in 3 levels. However, they also stress importance on the fact that this therapy should only be administered by a qualified and licensed practitioner. Otherwise, the results can be futile or even negative. This is because the methods comprising Chinese massage are quite sensitive and require to be applied by a qualified trainee to take effect. So if you are opting for this therapy, make sure you are going to the right practitioner.
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