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Does Cosmetic Acupuncture Really Work?

Does Cosmetic Acupuncture Really Work?
26 May 2016

Robert Bradford offers this ancient Chinese dermatological treatment. 
I have been experiencing skin problem for quite a long time and so I decided to give cosmetic acupuncture a try. Hence I came to Robert Bradford's clinic in Northern Beaches
I wasn't aware that cosmetic acupuncture is mainly used for ironing out wrinkles & fine lines. And so I had even been spiked with hair-thin, disposable needles. My attraction was however combating acne and I was happy that I was in the capable hands of Robert Bradford. 
What is cosmetic acupuncture?
Chinese physicians have practised it for about 5000 years, fixing a wide range of skin conditions like rosacea and capillaries. 
How does cosmetic acupuncture work? 
Robert explained how face lifts itself, through acupuncture points, via the toning & tightening action of the muscles. Needles basically wake up the muscles, which have loosened & sagged, & relax those, which are overly tight causing pulling of delicate facial skin. 
He started the treatment using jade rollers for enhancing my blood circulation before inserting the fine needles all over my face. 
The needles were finer and thinner than those that are used in traditional acupuncture. They happened to be more gentle & caused no pain virtually. Robert said he usually takes the approach 'less is more'. He doesn't stick thousands of needles onto the face. He tailors the treatment to the needs of an individual. 
After the needles were removed by Robert, I really enjoyed the series of poultices, moisturisers and Chinese herbal masks. The experience was just like as if I was having a facial. 
Is cosmetic acupuncture worth it? 
Just a couple of sessions and I saw a great difference in my skin. Acne that I had almost disappeared and my skin was even softer & vibrant. A lot of my friends commented on my skin's youthful glow. 
Robert said his clients generally have to undergo 10-15 sessions, each lasting for about 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes. And people who have jowls or double skin, may even need up to 20 sessions. Only after attending all these sessions, the patient starts to look and feel 5-15 years younger. 
Apart from the anti-ageing advantages that cosmetic acupuncture provides, the treatment is also quite easy and takes just about as long as a manicure & there are even no scars. Plus, Robert says that if it is maintained properly following a healthy lifestyle, results may last even a few years. 
(N.B: This is an experience of one of our clients who has undergone cosmetic acupuncture treatment in Northside Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic)


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