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Experiencing Fertility Issues?

Experiencing Fertility Issues?
19 May 2015

With view to Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is no such thing as infertility. In fact, infertility is regarded as one of the many kinds of disharmonies in the human body.

Nowadays, a lot of couples in Northern Beaches who have structural problems in their reproductive system are opting for Assisted Reproductive Technology like IVF or IUI. I respect every one's decision whether he/she chooses Western medicine or a natural way for reaching his/her goal. But there are many couples with unexplained infertility. These couples experience a lot more difficulty during IVF methods and they need to deal with the results even after the methods because the chemicals that are used within IVF cycle intensify the disharmony in the human bodies.

I always advice couples who have already experienced failure of IVF support in Northern Beaches to contact a TCM practitioner and have herbal and acupuncture treatment. The treatment basically clears up all kinds of chemical residues & rebalances the hormonal system allowing to regain the natural functions of the body.

Frequency of the treatment & duration

Conception preparation

I always advise to get at least 2-3 months of acupuncture as well as herbal treatment if you are suffering from any fertility problems or between the IVF cycles. A weekly acupuncture treatment for 2 months initially and then a biweekly treatment or even less can make all the difference. You will feel more energetic, have less PMS, more regular cycle, better skin etc. But taking herbs all through the treatment process is essential.

First 3 months during pregnancy

I advice all pregnant women who have experienced early miscarriage before, to get an acupuncture treatment every week for up to 3 months. This basically strengthens the uterus to hold fetus, supports the growth of fetus as well as the body adapting to the continuous changes.

Helping IVF cycle

To get the best result, one to two treatments every week for four weeks are advised plus a treatment on the day when the embryo is transferred. The treatment schedule is generally based on the protocols used in some clinical trials that showed a lot of blood supply to uterus & ovaries and better regulation of the reproductive hormones.

Basically 2 acupuncture treatments are advised before as well as after the transfer of the embryo.

If you have any kind of question about acupuncture and herbal treatment, contact Robert Bradford the TCM practitioner in Northern Beaches
Via email [email protected] or call at 0425-262-687.


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