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Facts You Should Know About When Using Acupuncture to Stop Smoking

Facts You Should Know About When Using Acupuncture to Stop Smoking
25 Nov 2014

Smoking is a strong addiction. Quitting smoking isn’t a small task at all. You will need a lot of support in order to be successful in your attempt.

Here are a few important facts you should know about when using acupuncture to stop smoking.

1. Acupuncture is a very effective treatment to help quit smoking: Acupuncture helps in combating addiction and curbing cigarette cravings for long. Many people in Northern Beaches have had success and the research even supports the claim now. A recent study conducted showed that acupuncture helped patients quit smoking to a great extent. It curbs cravings, stops jitters, lessens restlessness and irritability, helps detoxify the body and increases relaxation. Even many women who thought of conceiving could stop smoking  with acupuncture treatment.

2. There is a ‘stop smoking’ acupuncture point: ‘Tim Mee’ is a very effective acupuncture point to stop smoking. It is located on the wrist and is exclusively used for smoking cessation. It is used to alter the way the cigarettes taste. This point is however definitely not enough to stop smoking. It must often be used in conjunction with other acupuncture points to rebalance the body and combat the cravings.

3. Acupuncture reduces cravings but it cannot change habits:  Physical cravings are only an aspect of cigarette addiction. Several times the habit of smoking was found harder to stop than physical addiction. If smoking helps in coping at the time of difficult emotional situations, not smoking makes a person feel vulnerable and naked. If smoking becomes a part of daily ritual, not smoking makes the day feel off.

I would always recommend people to use support systems, which are available to them. They can get help from friends and family, join a support group, exercise or find some smoke-free activities. Quitting smoking addiction actually requires a lot of support-socially, emotionally as well as physically.

4. Chinese herbal medicines help with cravings: There are plenty of Chinese herbal medicines that can help with cravings, detoxification, irritability and tissue repair. Make an appointment with me in order to know which Chinese medicine would be best for you.


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