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Fundamentals and Popularity of TCM

Fundamentals and Popularity of TCM
29 Jan 2016
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, some individuals possess hot constitutions, which can explain why they are prone to inflammation and fever. On the other hand, there are others having cold body parts who often get chills. As stated by many practitioners, every disease is viewed by TCM as one complete pattern. For example, rheumatoid arthritis is believed to be caused by blockage in Qi and blood flow within energy pathways of the body. The typical pain results from penetration of wind, damp and cold into joints and muscles.
TCM practitioners state that each and every illness is the result of imbalances existing within the body of an individual. These imbalances, in turn, rise from unhealthy factors of one’s lifestyle and their environment. General symptoms such as a thin coating on tongue or dry mouth indicate that specific systems in the body are out of balance. These signs are often used by TCM doctors as guides to treat patients.
One significant area of ancient Oriental therapies that is currently being studied and investigated by scientists is the notion of cold and hot syndromes. A TCM practitioner  who knows whether a patient has cold or hot syndrome usually uses the initial clue for testing various problems involving metabolic or immune system. The problems can include gastritis, rheumatoid arthritis or even colitis.
In the past, advocates of Western medicine largely ignored TCM without assessing its different principles and treatment procedures properly. But now, the centuries old group of natural treatment procedures is gaining traction rapidly among modern day clinicians and scientists. Physicians now admit that Oriental therapies hold a great deal of potential for improving the wellness and general health of people. They can contribute significantly towards addressing a wide range of global health problems, particularly in the areas of noncommunicable, chronic illnesses and aging.
Since people have now become more health conscious than they were in the past, they are always in search of natural alternatives for chemical-based treatments. And TCM is serving as an ideal and holistic solution for them. Compared to various pharmaceutical drugs that have a wide range of side effects, the natural diagnosis methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine are more appealing to many. Even Western medicine doctors are recommending treatments like acupuncture for various pain conditions nowadays, instead of the regular but potentially addictive medications. In other words, individuals are seeing TCM as a safe and all-encompassing treatment that can help them in enhancing their overall health and lifestyle.


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