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Healthy Diet for Pregnancy

Healthy Diet for Pregnancy
15 Nov 2016
Pregnancy sure brings plenty of happiness in the life of a couple as well as the rest of the family, but there are certain precautions that need to be taken effectively to ensure a safe delivery, and one of them is eating healthy. As an expectant mother, it is your responsibility to eat right and make sure that your baby is born healthy. Here are a few tips which can help you to do just that:
Healthy Breakfast
When you are pregnant, your breakfast should consist of fortified and cooked or readymade cereals along with fruits. This is because fortified cereals are rich in added nutrients such as calcium. In case cereals do not feel agreeable, then switch to whole wheat toast. Avoiding eating a heavy breakfast early in the morning.
Nutritious Snacks
You do not need to ditch snacks altogether for the sole fact that you are pregnant. However, make sure you opt for healthy snack choices like fat-free or low-fat yoghurt containing fruits. Whole grain crackers that are devoid of fatty cheese can also be health-conscious picks.
Fibre-Rich Foods
Fibre is important during pregnancy to keep digestive disorders at bay, so you need to get it in plenty. Augment your diet with different types of fruits and vegetables such as cooked greens, melon, bananas & carrots. Include whole grains and beans as well. If you are habituated to eating oatmeal or brown rice, that’s equally good.
Plenty Of Seafood
Consuming around 340 grams of fish every week during pregnancy is mandatory. However, species containing too much mercury should be avoided, and they include tilefish, swordfish, shark & king mackerel. In case you are fond of tuna, go for the canned light options. Your best selections would be catfish, salmon and shrimp.
Decaf Beverages
Don’t worry, pregnancy won’t stop you from having tea or coffee if you like drinking one or either. But whatever you drink should be decaffeinated. Also, if you feel like having soda, go for seltzer or water instead. Under no circumstances should you try even a tiny glass of alcohol.
Besides eating healthy, your body has to be prepared for the day of delivery as well. And there is no other way to do that than using acupuncture. So if you want to get pregnancy acupuncture done on yourself in the most effective way, then contact Robert Bradford at Northside Acupuncture.
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