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How Acupuncture Helps to Balance Hormones in Menopause?

How Acupuncture Helps to Balance Hormones in Menopause?
11 Jun 2014

Acupuncture is a well known Chinese herbal medicine applied to cure numerous diseases. This method is well appreciated by many in regulating hormonal imbalances related to menopause. Apart from curing menopause, it is also an effective treatment method for other related problems like infertility or PMS. Most of these problems arise due to improper diet, lack of physical exercise, stress and tension. All these factors can be treated by applying acupuncture on the specific regions of the body. Acupuncture treatment is very popular in treating problems related to menopause in Northern Beaches.

Balancing Hormones in Menopause Using

Acupuncture According to the ancient believes, the human body comprises of negative and positive energies. When any kind of imbalance occurs in the energy flow, serious problems happen. In this treatment sharp needles are applied to the specific points which are termed as meridians. By inserting the needles are energy flow in that area increases and it allows the region or organ to function properly. They state that human body comprises of numerous channels through which the blood flows. Any kind of blockage causes malfunctioning of that region.

Hormonal imbalances in menopause are also caused due to the blockage of various channels in human body. Menopause is a very uncomfortable situation for any woman and acupuncture has proved to be beneficial in treating them. It helps in relaxing the connective tissues, nerves and stimulates muscles.

Women who are approaching menopause may experience lots of physical problems. Acupuncture helps to reduce the numerous physical ailments caused during menopause time. This treatment method is known to relief pain and also helps women to cure hot flashes, night sweats and reduces mood swing to a great extent. It is a drug free treatment hence does not have any side effects like any other menopause treatments.

As it is an herbal treatment, so the results can be made effective only by the proper accompaniment of healthy diet and exercise. In case of treating female hormonal problems, acupuncture channels are connected to heart, brain, kidney and uterus. This help to restore an overall balance in the body which results in a healthy body. This treatment also influences the entire hormonal functions and thought patterns in a positive manner. It also stimulates the endorphin hormone which is linked to the hormones which affects our moods in different stages including pregnancy and menopause.

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