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How Caffeine, Alcohol & Smoking Affect Fertility?

How Caffeine, Alcohol & Smoking Affect Fertility?
13 Dec 2016
According to evidences collected from studies conducted by researchers across the globe, there are various health behaviours that can drastically affect fertility. And among those behaviours, addiction to caffeine, alcohol and smoking is the most common as well as devastating. In this blog, we are going to review the adverse consequences of these substances on the ability of a person to conceive.
As a substance found commonly in tea, coffee, chocolate, soft drinks and painkillers, caffeine is consumed by a large number of people in Australia. Although useful as a stimulant, overconsumption of caffeine can trigger a range of fertility problems in females by affecting ovulation. In expectant mothers, it may hamper the developing foetus’ health. Excess caffeine intake has also been indicated as a risk factor in not being able to achieve a live birth. It can even increase the chances of a miscarriage.
As per inference gathered from meticulous research, it is clear that excess alcohol intake can have a negative impact on male as well as female fertility. In females, it increases the likelihood of a miscarriage and decreases conception success. On the other hand, men who drink too much alcohol can experience reduced libido and impotence. Besides that, the quality of their sperm can be hampered as well.
There are lots of evidence which strongly suggest that smoking dampens fertility of males and females. People who smoke on a daily basis are more often infertile, whereas women who get exposed to tobacco smoke can have difficulty in conceiving. Moreover, women smokers can reach menopause earlier than their nonsmoking peers. Excess smoking may also cause damage to sperm DNA in males.
Thus, it is absolutely imperative for everyone who wishes to have kids in future to neither consume too much caffeine & alcohol nor smoke in excess. In case you are already addicted to any of them and you are sure that it’s affecting your fertility, then get in touch with Robert Bradford at Northside Acupuncture. Robert will diagnose your problem and then devise the right TCM treatment program to address the issues.
Robert Bradford is a registered and licensed TCM practitioner specialising in acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, cupping, moxibustion and diet therapy. At Northside Acupuncture, we treat a wide range of fertility problems and also help to tackle smoking addictions. 
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