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How Can Acupuncture Be Beneficial For Small Children?

How Can Acupuncture Be Beneficial For Small Children?
25 Oct 2016
Contrary to what some people assume, acupuncture is a great holistic and completely natural therapy that can be safely used for treating small children as well. Right from toddlers to elementary-aged kids, anyone can be administered with acupuncture as per their age, development stage and comfort with the treatment. In case of babies, practitioners don’t usually make use of needles. Rather, acupressure is applied at specific points along the meridians.
Acupuncture can be beneficial for small children in a plethora of ways, some of which have been discussed below:
Enhances Immunity
Through several extensive studies, it has been proven that acupuncture can positively modulate the immune response of children, particularly the ones afflicted with asthma. Besides that, it can also help a kid’s immune system to prevent common illnesses like flus and colds.
Alleviates Asthma & Allergies
Acupuncture can also aid children to cope with asthma and allergies by aiding their body to restore balance naturally and lessen or eliminate symptoms without any side effects. It is a much better alternative to strong medications that provide relief at the cost of minor to major negative effects.
Reduces Or Impedes Pain
The ‘needle-insertion’ modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine can be administered for reducing acute or severe musculoskeletal pain in children. It is also effective against various pain conditions like juvenile fibromyalgia, lyme disease, juvenile arthritis, migraines, backaches, odontalgia and sinus pain.
Promotes Healthy Digestion
Digestion problems are not just restricted to adults, they can affect small children too. According to TCM practitioners, acupuncture serves as a holistic tool for resolving issues like IBS, constipation, food allergies, gas and stomach cramping in children. It can minimise the symptoms and help the body to absorb nutrients more effectively.
Helps To Relax
Nowadays, most pre-school and junior school children tend to have a hectic lifestyle comprised of school, sports, tuitions and other activities. Acupuncture can act like a medium for them to slow down and calm themselves. The therapy would help them to relax their mind and find peace within, which can aid them to cope with difficulties & stress, later on in life.
Northside Acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic run by registered practitioner Dr. Robert Bradford in the suburbs of Northern Beaches. If you liked this post of ours, then leave your views in the comment section. For more like these, stay connected to our blog space.


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