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How Can Acupuncture Help in Weight Loss?

How Can Acupuncture Help in Weight Loss?
05 Dec 2015
Nowadays, obesity is a very common issue among both men and women. And that's why many are hitting the gym, resorting to liposuction and trying various other ways to lose weight. But weight loss is not something that can be achieved by simply doing extreme workouts or losing fat through artificial means. At times, such things even yield disastrous results and worsen the condition. However, there are some natural therapies that can be very useful for those who want to shed some pounds off their body. Among them, acupuncture is perhaps the safest and most effective therapy. 
For achieving a successful weight loss, it is important to make certain lifestyle changes, and acupuncture can help a great deal with it. So, those who are overweight and suffer from chronic fatigue or severe stress, can benefit greatly from acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture can increase the metabolism rate of the body, decrease food cravings and also enhance blood circulation around the body. By mobilising the energy stores, it can also reduce weight as well as cholesterol levels.
According to various extensive studies and researches, this treatment process alone can help in improving sleep patterns and maintaining a balanced lifestyle, which are extremely important for weight loss. Besides that, it can also reduce levels of triglycerides, LDL cholesterol and total cholesterols.
When administering acupuncture for weight loss, professional acupuncturists generally insert the needles at five aural (ear) points. Out of them, four correspond directly to the nervous system, lungs, liver and kidneys whereas the fifth one helps the body to relax. The needles stimulate the body for producing endorphins, which in turn combat carbohydrate cravings in the body, control appetite and also alleviate withdrawal symptoms in case the weight gain is associated with drug abuse.

Apart from the aural points, there are several other acupoints which may be used by an acupuncturist for addressing overweight problems. These include:
  • Mouth - for those who are compulsive eaters and also chain smokers
  • Stomach - for those who eat even on a full stomach
  • Lungs - for those who are food addicts
  • Endocrine - for those who gain weight because of water retention
  • Senmen - for addressing psychological reasons such as frustration, anxiety, etc.
  • Thyroid - for those with slow metabolism
  • Spleen – for addressing sugar and hormonal imbalances
Those who have become tired of dieting and using chemical means for losing weight, can definitely benefit a lot by giving acupuncture therapy a try.
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