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How Can You Be Benefited Through Acupuncture During Pregnancy?

How Can You Be Benefited Through Acupuncture During Pregnancy?
30 Nov -0001
For centuries, women prefer using acupuncture and Chinese medicine as a part of their pregnancy treatment. The treatments are safe when applied by experienced therapists. Pregnancy often causes nausea and discomforts, and women experiencing such ailments can benefit greatly when they opt for acupuncture. 
Experienced therapists observe pregnant women as part of their daily practice and use intricate but simple methods of piercing to support healthy pregnancy. Sometimes, both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are used to support and prepare the body for labour, birth and mothering.
After your pregnancy is confirmed
It is recommended to pay weekly visits to an acupuncturist, particularly if one has a history of miscarriage, difficulty in conceiving, bleeding, cramping and other issues in the first phase of pregnancy. Chinese traditional medicine may also be applied during this period. However, this is optional and completely depends on an individual's wishes.
During the start of the treatment, acupuncturists focus on healing the common complaints like nausea, vomiting, anxiety, etc. while optimising the health and well being, reducing and removing stress and applying measures to prevent miscarriage. Four to six weekly visits is recommended if the pregnancy is progressing towards normalcy and improving.
Birth preparation
When a mother is around 30-34 weeks, it is a great time to fix an appointment with an acupuncturist if she hasn’t considered it yet. At this time, acupuncturists start a treatment to prepare for labour which is quiet beneficial for normal delivery. Weekly visits ensure optimal fetal positioning and a focus on helping one to move closer, getting ready to achieve a spontaneous and uncomplicated birth. 
Birth preparation during this time includes:
Weekly consultations with an acupuncturist to help  prepare emotionally and physically for birth, improve energy, stamina and even manage stress. Acupuncture also helps to prepare the cervix and uterus for birth.
Breech presentation
Acupuncturists can help a lot in turning malpositioned or breech babies. The treatment becomes most effective if it is undertaken between 34 and 37th week. The earlier you begin, the greater success you receive.
Thus, acupuncture is the best treatment during pregnancy as it is the natural way of healing. Going under the treatment of acupuncture is really beneficial for would be mothers. 


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