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How Do We Manage Paediatric Acupuncture Treatment

How Do We Manage Paediatric Acupuncture Treatment
16 Jan 2015

For starting the process smoothly, we first ensure to educate parents on how to prepare as well as support their child at the time of acupuncture treatments. We do this especially during the first visit. Parents should know that they shouldn’t force their child to get the treatment of acupuncture done if they do not want it. I tell parents to not use words like pins, pokery, poke and needles in front of child because if the kid has had vaccination shots, this will make the treatment seem painful and scary, which isn’t actually.

During the initial visit of the child, we generally take a significant amount of time discussing the health history of child and while we have toys I advice parents to bring something that’s liked by their child or will help entertain their child. This is helpful especially for children who are under five years of age.

The atmosphere in the clinic also sets children at ease. It is essential to have an environment with relaxing music, soft lighting and entertaining toys. Wearing a white lab coat while treating a child is not a good idea. Have a different feel and look so that children do not become fearful seeing you. Always keep in mind that the patient is a baby or child and not the parent. Parents are the most essential part of treatment but finally it is you who is going to serve the healthcare needs of your child with the cooperation and trust of parents.

When meeting the little baby, acknowledge him or her first and as you introduce yourself to the child, bend down to his level to greet hello if needed. Then say hello to parents and introduce yourself. After everyone has taken their seat in treatment room, explain the child that you need to talk to his or her parents about some health issues and thus meanwhile you can ask the child to play for some time.

I tell every child that I will need their help to make them feel better. As we start the examination, we explain what we are going to do and ensure that the child is ready. Everyone has a different style when they work with children. Playfulness is an element, which has helped me at the time of examination to set the child at ease and build a rapport.


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