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How to Deal with Morning Sickness?

How to Deal with Morning Sickness?
04 Sep 2014

Morning sickness is a natural condition, which occurs during pregnancy. More than 50% of pregnant women experience it, especially in first trimester. Symptoms of morning sickness include vomiting and nausea. It is at its worst condition early in day but it may strike at any point of time during day or night.
For most of the women, morning sickness starts around 4th week of pregnancy and gets resolved by 12th-14th week. But 1 among 5 women ensures morning sickness in their second trimester and some unfortunate have even reported to have experienced vomiting and nausea for the whole period of their pregnancy.
Morning sickness does not cause any harm to the woman or a threat to the unborn child. It has been found out that moderate morning sickness is actually associated with reduced risk of miscarriage. But when in severe form, it causes weight loss as well as dehydration, which need quick medical attention.
Cause of morning sickness is although a mystery, it’s thought to be a combination of metabolic and physical factors, which play an important role. However, the probable causes that make it happen are as follows:

  • High hormone levels
  • Chemical and physical changes, which pregnancy triggers
  • Altered metabolism of the carbohydrates
  • Fluctuations in the blood pressure, especially the lowered blood pressure

Here are some suggestions for pregnant women if they want to deal with morning sickness:


  • Eat potato chips that are salty
  • Take rest as much as you can
  • Drink fluids 30 minutes before or after your meal.
  • Wear clothes that are loose so that they don’t constrict the abdomen
  • Eat some sweet biscuits or dry crackers before getting up in morning
  • Take small meals everyday because an empty stomach causes nausea
  • Ask someone else to cook food for you. Turn on the fan or open the windows if you think the odor of cooking to bother you
  • Take supplements of vitamin B6 everyday but a dose of 200mg can be harmful. Follow doctor’s advice before taking them.
  • Take sips of diluted fruit juice, ginger tea, weak tea, flat lemonade, cordial, beef extract drinks or clear soup in your morning diet. If you cannot take these fluids, suck ice cubes.
  • Consider acupuncture
  • Exercise


  • Don’t eat spicy food
  • Don’t ever skip meals
  • Don’t lie down immediately after having your meals
  • Don’t eat any kind of thing which you make you feel nauseous
  • Don’t take any kind of drugs unless your doctor has prescribed you knowing that you are pregnant


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