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How to Get Relief of Fluid Retention during Pregnancy?

How to Get Relief of Fluid Retention during Pregnancy?
05 Feb 2015

Swelling, fluid retention or oedema affects about sixty-five percent of healthy pregnant women with normal pressure. Although it may occur any time during pregnancy, it mostly happens in the last 3 months of pregnancy. This is because by about thirty-two weeks, blood circulation in woman’s body increases by fifty percent, contributing to fluid retention or swelling.

Swelling usually takes place in the feet, hands and legs. You can notice any ring you wear getting tighter, sometimes making it essential to take them off until after the bay is born. There are some women who even notice their feet to increase by ½ to one shoe size. Sometimes the size increases even more.

Pregnancy swelling is usually more noticeable at the day’s end. However, it may get worse on the hotter days, after a trip by airplane or when on feet for long period of time. Swelling may even be associated with the varicose veins of legs.

Getting relief of fluid retention at the time of pregnancy

If you have a normal blood pressure, you may wish to look at some options to help relieve the symptoms of the fluid retention. Some of the women have found the treatments or a combination of them to be quite helpful while many others find they make very little difference. The options available to relief fluid retention are many.

  • Make a few changes in your lifestyle
  • Try to keep your feet up as much as you can. Rest them on another chair while studying or doing any kind of desk job. There are some women who wear full support stockings when on their feet. This is helpful. Some women also wear flat shoes.
  • Do some gentle exercises like yoga or swimming on a regular basis.
  • Don’t take too much of protein in your diet. Restrict eating salt. Take grapes, apples, apple juice and celery in your diet.
  • There are some women who try out natural therapies. Ask your caregiver or practitioner about this.
  • Some of the naturopaths recommend Cell salts because a magnesium/phosphorous imbalance can contribute to fluid retention.
  • Fluid retention can be treated successfully with Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture and moxibustion.
  • Being submerged in the water may increase the body’s ability to produce a lot of urine, providing you short-term relief, which results in reducing the swelling.
  • A massage may be very beneficial. Ask your partner or a professional to massage your legs from the feet upwards with a lotion, oil or gel.


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