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How To Proceed With Fertility Treatment?

How To Proceed With Fertility Treatment?
22 Apr 2016
Infertility has become quite a common problem among couples in Sydney, and can come as an unpleasant surprise to those who wait for a long time before deciding to add children in their family. Repeated negative pregnancy test results can be a devastating and frustrating disappointment for them. Fortunately, there are effective fertility treatments that can be beneficial for couples in need of help to conceive a child.
Let’s have a look at the right way to proceed with fertility treatment:
Receiving A Diagnosis
The first step towards getting diagnosed for infertility problems is scheduling an appointment with a good doctor, who will evaluate the sexual habits and lifestyle of a couple. The doctor can recommend changes in an attempt to resolve the issue without using invasive treatments. Women who are more than 30 years of age or have not menstruated for 6 months should get diagnosed as soon as possible in case they have problem in conceiving. Men with low sperm count or history of prostate or testicular issues should also consult a doctor.
Determining The Cause
Next comes determination of the root of the problem via necessary tests. Men can undergo a physical examination along with an ultrasound test to ensure that their reproductive organs are working properly. The doctor may also advise semen analysis test for determining the quality and number of sperm. Sometimes, a blood test for evaluating hormone levels can be recommended as well.
Women are generally advised to undergo ultrasound and physical tests so that the root cause triggering their infertility can be discovered. A hysterosalpingography test may also be done to check whether there is any blockage present in the fallopian tube or not.
Getting Treated
Once the cause of infertility has been determined, it can be treated in a number of ways. Nowadays, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are being popularly used for holistic fertility treatment in Northern Beaches. Many couples are resorting to these modalities of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) because of their ability to boost conception success significantly without any harmful side effects. Many TCM practitioners even claim that treatment with acupuncture and Chinese herbs can eliminate those issues which are left untouched by conventional fertility drugs. There are several other treatments for fertility problems, including artificial insemination, surgery, in vitro fertilisation and hormone therapy.
To know more about different types of health problems and how they can be treated with TCM, stay in touch with our blog space.


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