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Know More about Headache-Some Interesting Facts for You

Know More about Headache-Some Interesting Facts for You
07 Nov 2014

You might have not known a lot of things about headaches but by reading this, you will get to know about some facts. These facts are very interesting to read.

  1. In ancient times, when Romans and Greeks suffered from headaches, they used to treat it with peppermint tea. But this was not only the thing that they used. They even drank infusions made from lavender, rosemary and chamomile. Application of raw potato, onion and cabbage to head was also common for relieving headaches during those days.
  2. Most of the children who suffer from migraines at least have one close family member suffering from migraine. It is basically hereditary.
  3. Fasting may cause headache. Other causes of headache include stress, smoke, noise, flashing lights and certain kinds of food.
  4. Migraines are associated with hormonal fluctuations. There are many women who get migraines a few days before the onset of their menstruation. Some women even suffer from it when they have periods.
  5. Most of the Australians throughout their lifetime suffer from headaches. As per the Australian Bureau of Statistics survey, about fifteen percent Australian population take medicines for headaches. Headaches are most common in people aged between twenty-five to forty-four years of age.
  6. Migraines are more common in women than men. A lot of women visit acupuncturists for pain relief nowadays.
  7. One may get headache if he or she takes too many medicines and that also too often. It won’t go until the person stops talking medication completely. However, taking too much of paracetamol may even damage your kidneys and liver.
  8. Lifestyle plays a big role in preventing headaches. So, make sure you don’t drink much, don’t smoke, get sleep regularly, do exercise daily and eat a healthy diet. By doing all these, you will see that you will not have headaches frequently.
  9. Tension headaches are the most common form of headache. They may last for days.
  10. Cluster headaches are more common in men than women. They occur at the same time almost every day or every few days. They are intense headaches and are debilitating. But they usually do not last longer than ninety minutes. Heavy drinkers or smokers generally suffer from this kind of headache.
  11. Have you heard about ice cream headaches? They are no myth. You can really get headaches from eating the frozen ice creams. The intense cold from ice cream causes spasm in the blood vessels interrupting the flow of blood and swelling of vessels.


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