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My week

My week
26 Jun 2014

Hi everyone this is my first real post since my website was upgraded by the wonderful people at eclick technology, where should I begin, well I guess i should give a short explanation about who I am and what it is I do, my name is Robert Bradford and I am a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, my main area of practice is with Fertility and Conception problems and Womens Health Issues, I also have  many years of experience in the field of Invetro Fertilisation or IVF as it is most Commonly known, I am also one of IVF Australia's Prefered Practitioners,  most days in my clinic  are fully booked out, and most of my clients are women, I do see the occasional male patient, but mostly their problems are to do with muscular /skeletal lower back pain, shoulder pain or headaches and other day to day problems. 

But my greatest interest is in the field of Conception, Fertility and Reproduction,   


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