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Obesity & Dampness: Treatment With Chinese Medicine

Obesity & Dampness: Treatment With Chinese Medicine
14 Jul 2017
The body of every human being relies upon outside sources in order to the obtain the necessary nourishment. Those sources include air, water and proper food, without which our existence is impossible. Now, each one of us is also significantly affected by climate as well as change in seasons. We tend to spend more time outdoors in the summer, and stay indoors during winter. Besides all these things, our body can also become damp. And when that happens, it can lead to a variety of issues such as diarrhoea, shingles, aching joints, yeast infections, swelling and edema. What concerns us here the most is that dampness occurs more in people who are obese.
So what is it all about?
Every obese individual has unnecessary fat, which is the primary damp tissue. The more weight a person has, the more damp tissue their body will contain, which in turn would lead to several phlegm issues like post nasal drainage, asthma and severe sinus problems. There is another question that needs to be answered - where does the dampness originate from? According to TCM experts, it is a problem of the digestive system.
What does Chinese Medicine have to say?
In the context of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), spleen and stomach take care of digestion in our bodies. While the stomach receives food & initiates digestion, the spleen sifts & sorts the remainder. By working together, they extract the nutrients from the food & drinks consumed, and eliminate the bad stuff from the body.
When the digestion is thrown out of whack, it’s because the spleen gets becomes damp due to getting bogged down. Various symptoms like nausea, poor appetite, stomach rumbling, feeling of heaviness and loose stools.
Treatment with TCM
In order to treat dampness and obesity with TCM, one has to be patient because resolving, draining and drying the damp would necessitate a substantial amount of work. But the best thing is that TCM can help to cure the problem once and for all. An acupuncturist can specifically target the dampness with the treatments. In addition to that, a herbal formula may be used for fortifying the spleen and also drying the damp as soon as possible. The entire treatment can be conjuncted with a specialised dietary therapy as well.
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