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Strange Facts on Insomnia

Strange Facts on Insomnia
23 Mar 2015

More than a quarter of people in Australia  report occasionally that they do not get enough sleep. Losing sleep can have negative effects on health of individuals. However, researchers have found that people who get less sleep are more likely to be found in traffic accidents, are less satisfied with their works, get irritated easily and have higher rates of missed work days. Here are a few strange facts,  which help explain why people cannot fall asleep.

1. Sleep problems sometimes run in families.

2. Bugs and pets can even suffer from insomnia. Although they cannot complain of having sleeping disorders, they suffer from insomnia like humans.

3. If you often have trouble waking up on Morning morning, you may have social jet lag. This is basically a habit of following a different sleep schedule on the weekdays versus weekend. A study showed that people who have different weekend and weekday sleep schedules were three times more likely to be overweight. Research has thus linked being overweight with irregular sleep schedules and sleep deprivation.

4. Sleeping pills are quite popular in Australia. One in five Australians take some kind of medication every year for a better sleep but the fact is these pills do not lead to a better sleep. There is even no evidence, which proves that sleeping pills are able to cure insomnia. In fact, acupuncture has shown to work wonders to treat patients suffering from sleeping disorders.

5. Women are two times more likely to suffer from insomnia than men. According to the experts, the reason may have to do with the hormones of women. Daytime sleepiness and sleepless nights have been linked with the hormonal changes in the life of a woman, including menstrual cycle, menopause and pregnancy.

6. People may die from insomnia but this happens very rarely. According to the experts, fatal familial insomnia is a rare genetic disease, which prevents any person from falling asleep. It is a prion disease that's caused by abnormal development of protein from a genetic mutation, which in fact affects functioning of brain, causes memory loss and many other things.

7. Chronic insomnia when left untreated can increase the risk of alcohol abuse.

8. Insomnia is linked with depression. Depression may either be the cause or the result of it.


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