Supporting IVF & Pregnancy With Acupuncture

Supporting IVF & Pregnancy With Acupuncture
11 Sep 2018
Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture is an all encompassing type of therapy, which means it treats and tunes the entire body and does not focus on the presenting symptoms alone but  balances the whole body  in preparation  for pregnancy. 
The approach utilised is to enhance the fertility of the spouses. 
  • This is accomplished in the female by treating any inconsistency in the menstrual cycle, for example, amenorrhea, anovulation and gynecological issues like PMS, fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS. 
  • Acupuncture can enhance the quality of male fertility and help improve  sperm count & quality. Particular conventions exist for poor morphology, low sperm motility and low sperm count.
  • As stress, endocrine hormone imbalance, primary metabolism of the body and stress may all affect conception, these issues can be tended to utilising needle therapy and can profit both partners. 
IVF & acupuncture
Planning for IVF can start months prior to the beginning of treatment, however even just one month before initiation of treatment can make difference in fertilisation rate and can enhance the success of implantation.
How does Chinese medicine & acupuncture help enhance the IVF achievement rates? 
  • It  may enhance the capacity of the ovaries to deliver better quality eggs. 
  • It may help control the hormones to create more number of follicles. 
  • It may improve the  circulation of blood to the uterus and expands the thickness of the uterine coating. 
  • It helps to relax  the patient and helps reduce stress. 
  • It reduces the reactions of the Western medications utilised amid IVF. 
  • It may help with  the sperm count &  may also enhance the quantity & quality of embryos. 
  • It may also help  with the threat of threaatened  miscarriage 
Having acupuncture before and after  on the day of IVF transfer  may also add to the over all success rate of the IVF cycle . 
  • Treatment before embryo exchange may help increase the circulation of blood in reproductive organs to create are more hospitable environment  for the newly transferred egg. 
Treatment after transfer of embryo may help to balance out the hormone levels and in this manner aid  the foetus to implant successfully. 
Pregnancy & acupuncture
Needle therapy can be particularly useful amid pregnancy allso
  • Acupuncture  may help enhance the circulation of Qi ( energy) and Blood to the uterus   and to help thicken the lining of the womb It may be beneficial for post natal conditions like post partum bleeding and pain 
  • Acupuncture may be of benefit where there is lower back pain, sciatic pain, depleted energy levels and stress in the final trimester of the pregnancy. It may be useful to help  to turn breech babies. 
  • It may be used to also facillitate  labour  and contractions when a child is overdue.
  • Acupuncture  may help enhance the circulation of Qi ( energy) and Blood to the uterus and to help thicken the lining of the womb. 
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