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Switch To Acupuncture And Tackle Anxiety & Depression More Effectively

Switch To Acupuncture And Tackle Anxiety & Depression More Effectively
17 May 2016
Most of us know acupuncture as an age-old modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that involves insertion of needles at specific points located along ‘meridians’ on the human body. This therapy works by stimulating the points for correcting imbalances in Qi through the meridians. The principle on which acupuncture is based has been derived from interaction of 5 elements that represent 5 different human emotions:

  • Earth - worry
  • Wood - anger
  • Fire - happiness
  • Metal - grief
  • Water - fear
According to TCM, acupuncture is an effective therapy for treating conditions like anxiety and depression that can be triggered by physiological effects of the 5 emotions on the body. Let’s find out how:
As per practitioners of TCM, anxiety develops primarily due to Kidney and Heart imbalances, particularly their energetic aspects. Since the Heart is a Yang organ, its overexcitement because of extreme joyousness can create heat within it, thereby resulting in insomnia and anxiety. On the other hand, if Kidney is lacking, it would not be able to prevent the heat from rising up and affecting the mind negatively. However, auricular as well as body acupuncture at points like Spleen 6, Heart 7, Kidney 6 and Spirit Gate (Shenmen) can harmonise the Kidney and Heart, thus sedating the heat contained in the heart.
In the context of Chinese medicine, the condition of depression results from a constraint problem called Yu. Whereas Liver is the cardinal organ associated with this problem, while the Heart and Spleen play secondary roles. When a person becomes low-spirited, their Qi flow gets depressed resulting in Liver Qi stagnation. It can have an adverse impact on physiological activities like energy level, digestion and sleep. Persistence of this condition can give rise to stagnations of Blood, Phlegm and Heat, which would, in turn, trigger body pains, mental cloudiness, mania, fatigue and poor memory. Acupuncture treatment can aid in tackling depression by ensuring proper circulation of Qi and balancing it to alleviate specific symptoms. The different acupoints generally used to address depression include LI4 on hand, Liv3 on foot, Spleen 6 and Stomach 36. Not only does it help to improve Qi production and strengthen digestion, but also allow the patient to swing back into normal life and leave depression far behind.
For more info related to TCM and its modalities as well as their use in treatment of various medical conditions, keep watching our blog space.


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