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Threatened miscarriage

Threatened miscarriage
14 Jul 2014

Threatened miscarriage, I have a client who is 6 weeks pregnant with her first child, 2 days ago on  Sunday I recieved a call around midday, from this client, she was most distressed as she had bleeding and abdominal cramping, her condition did not sound good, so I agreed to meet her at the clinic for an acupuncture treatment to avert miscarriage.

Upon her arrival at the clinic ,she showed me a photo she  had taken of the blood she was loosing, it was dark in colour , and not the fresh red colour that I would normally associate with threatened miscarriage, it was also mixed with a lot of clear mucus which was also a good sign, her abdominal cramping was also centred in the lower abdomen and not radiating to the lower back which is generally the sort of pain associated with threatened miscarriage.

I proceeded to administer acupuncture at acupuncture points that have the ability to retain fetus, stop bleeding and  avert  miscarriage, also added points to calm the womans anxiety and stress, after a short time her cramping eased and she was more relaxed and feeling a little better. I suggested to her that a herbal formula to help retain fetus and stop bleeding would be beneficial and help maintain the pregnancy and to reinforce the benefits of the acupuncture treatment, the formula was Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang + the herbs Ai Ye and E Jiao to stop bleeding. 

I have used this combination of Acupuncture and  Hebal Medicine on numerous occasions with great success to avert threatened miscarriage, after the  acupuncture treatment, I advised my client to have an Ultra sound scan done the next morning, to see if it was still a viable pregnancy, with another follow up acupuncture session booked for the next day

Upon a follow up call the next morning, my client informed me that the fetus was normal and her cervix was still closed, and that her pregnancy was still viable, when she arrived at the clinic that afternoon she told me she was experiencing more cramping and had had another bleed, acupuncture was performed using the same points as the previous day adding a couple of extra points to relieve the lower abdominal cramping, the cramping eased after a few minutes and upon checking after the acupuncture there wer no more signs of bleeding.

I advised my client to take time of work and rest for the next week with a follow up Acupuncture  session booked for later in the week, I feel confident that we shall see a positive result from this treatment, I will give her a call this morning to see how she has fared through the  night, I will post later with the results and how she is faring in this difficult and stressful situation she finds herself in.


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