Treating Arthritis With The Help Of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Treating Arthritis With The Help Of Traditional Chinese Medicine
15 May 2018
Arthritis is a kind of degenerative inflammatory disease which causes harm especially in the joints. The symptoms include stiffness, pain, swelling and loss of movement. Generally, arthritis can be seen in elderly people but rheumatoid arthritis can also occur in young people.
So, what is the cause of arthritis?
According to Chinese medicine, arthritis can be described as painful obstruction syndrome. The acute pain is caused due to cold, wind, dampness or heat. However, if the pain is caused from cold, it can be relieved with warmth. Basically, the tendency of forming arthritis is formed from underlying deficiency in liver and kidneys.
Western treatments for arthritis
There are different types of  western medication used  to treat arthritis. They may prevent swelling and pain but actually fail to address the root  cause of the disease. Also, there are some side effects that may appear due to prolonged use of medication.
Is there any better idea?
There are alternative methods of treatment that may prove to be effective to alleviate the symptoms associated with this painful condition.  Traditional Chines Medicine and Acupuncture has been used as an alternative treatment regime to help with this condition, but  you must seek the services of a registered professional acupuncturist on the Norther Beaches who treats arthritis with the help of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. This method of treating arthritis  has little or no side effects and may help reduce pain and inflammation while addressing  the root cause of the problem.
Why acupuncture?
The symptoms of arthritis can be  treated  with the help of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine however arthritis is a degenerative condition that affects the joints and bones once degeneration has occurred there is no way to reverse the damage to the joints. It may help to relieve pain and inflammation but it will not repair the damage to the joints . The needles are inserted at specific acupuncture points that have an influence on the area where the pain is occurring to improve the  circulation of Blood and Qi to  help relieve the stagnation,  pain and swelling.
Additional treatment with acupuncture
Depending on the severity of the problem a patient may be prescribed with certain exercises to keep the body warm and maintain the blood flow throughout the meridians. Movement of the painful joints is crucial to ascertain the pain and inflammation.
Depending on the type of pattern, the diet also changes accordingly. Most commonly this includes cooked foods with moderate amounts of spices that have anti-inflammatory properties as well as being warm in nature.
However, it is highly recommended consulting with a professional acupuncturist to get specific diet chart and workout along with the treatment of acupuncture.
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