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Useful Tips For Effective Postpartum Care

Useful Tips For Effective Postpartum Care
05 Jul 2017
Every pregnant woman, after her delivery, generally tends to feel depleted of her energy stores significantly, irrespective of how lengthy or short the delivery process was. And soon after, she also has to breastfeed her child, which takes its own share of toll on the mother’s stamina. In addition to that, simply having a baby for the first time can be stressful on its own, due to emotional vulnerability and hormonal changes.
As such, the following 4-5 weeks after birth should be all about focusing on the recuperation and replenishment of the mother. Here are a handful of tips from women’s health experts in Northern Beaches for effective postpartum care:
A Healthy Diet
It is very important to make sure that a new mother eats right during those 4-5 weeks. There are plenty of nourishing food items which can help her to have improved blood circulation, energy and of course, milk supply for breastfeeding. Meat products are definitely a yes-yes, but consumption should be supervised by an expert. Vegan items that can help to restore health & vigor include black beans, kidney beans, beets, adzuki beans, carrots, barley, seeds/oil and black sesame. Milk should be consumed after being steamed and infused with warming spices like cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, etc.
Herbal Remedies
Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal remedies work wonders when it comes to replenishing lost blood, strengthening immune system and boosting energy. They can reduce vulnerability of the mother to various illnesses. Treatment with herbs under a qualified TCM practitioner will definitely spell various benefits.
Resisting Cold & Flu
Since the woman’s body experiences an acute shortage of energy and becomes susceptible to pathogens, it is important to make sure that she does not catch a cold in any way. A scarf or even an additional layer of clothing can be great to keep cold and flu away.
Ample of Rest
Last but not the least, rest should, obviously, be another important essential of the mother’s recuperation process. Under no circumstances should she be allowed to exert herself mentally, physically or emotionally. Activities that she must avoid entirely include heavy lifting, reading, studying, worrying, working and the like. In addition to that, she should also get an ample amount of sleep every night.
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