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What is Chinese Massage?

What is Chinese Massage?
10 Sep 2015

Chinese massage, also known as the Tui Na An Mo or Zhi Ya, is one of the oldest natural healing methods in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It came into existence even before the advent of acupuncture or herbs, when human beings only had their bodies for combating a wide range of diseases with and were always in search of natural methods for prevention. Most of the massage types that exist today were actually developed from it. Japanese, European and other civilisations learned it centuries ago and ultimately used it as the foundation for developing their own styles, such as the shiatsu, Thai and Swedish massage.

In the modern times, Chinese massage is regarded as highly effective for maintaining and leading a healthy lifestyle. It follows the same concept of Qi flow, meridians, collaterals, visceral organs and blood. The commonly used techniques and manipulations include rolling, pressing, pushing, kneading, chopping, vibrating, pulling, pinching, rubbing, grasping, and many others, which may be combined together or used separately. They are generally applied on certain acupuncture points and meridians on the skin and muscle areas using different sections of the fingers and palm with varying degrees of pressure. Some practitioners even augment the therapy of massage with Chinese medicine in Northern Beaches, so as to increase its effectivity.

A licensed practitioner of Chinese massage often applies a pressure that is more activating and penetrating. Patients report of a good or enjoyable pain during the whole session and feel more relaxed at their joints and muscles. Some people even use it as a substitute of conventional medication to get relief from pain and a variety of other ailments like headache, asthma, insomnia, injury, indigestion, stiffness, hypertension, diabetes and fibromyalgia.

Chinese massage is generally divided into four categories - self-healing, therapeutic, range of motion and health maintenance. In the recent times, two more categories have been devised - athletic therapeutic and beauty.

There are many different ways by which Chinese massage works to provide relief:

  • Connects the external body to the internal, and also the lower and upper chassis
  • The strong penetrating manipulations stimulate blood circulation, which in turn helps to remove blockages, alleviates illness and nourishes the entire body
  • It induces changes in the levels of serotonin and endorphin in the brain, and alters the potassium level of the cells.
  • It triggers neurochemical and biochemical changes inside the body due to the stimulation of energy passages.
  • It also produces changes in the autonomic nervous system


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