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What To Eat & Avoid During Pregnancy?

What To Eat & Avoid During Pregnancy?
04 Jan 2017
When pregnant, it is vital for a woman to take care of what she needs to eat and what not. A wrong diet can trigger various forms of illness or even harm the baby. In this blog, we are going to talk about different food items which an expectant mother should eat or avoid.
Eating hard cheeses is completely safe for a pregnant woman, since they are normally prepared using pasteurised milk. However, soft cheeses must be consumed selectively - cottage, mozzarella, goats’, processed, ricotta, feta, cream, paneer and halloumi. Blue-veined and mould-ripened ones should be avoided.
All kinds of pâté must be avoided during pregnancy, even the vegan ones. This is because they may have listeria, an illness which can lead to problems like stillbirth and even miscarriage.
Eggs are safe for an expectant mother only if cooked thoroughly, as solid egg yolks and whites prevent food poisoning due to salmonella. Though the poisoning won’t affect the baby, it can definitely trigger severe vomiting and diarrhoea.
Like eggs, any kind of meat has to be braised till steaming hot before consumption, during pregnancy. Meat that is undercooked can increase chances of contracting toxoplasmosis, which may cause damage to the foetus. Pre-packed meats are completely safe, but it is important to be careful with cold, cured ones.
Vitamins & Supplements
Multivitamin, fish liver oil or any other supplements with a high dosage or consisting of vitamin A should be avoided for good.
A pregnant woman must take care to refrain from consuming fish like marlin, swordfish and shark. Tuna has to be consumed in limited quantities as well - 1 or 2 tuna steaks/week and no more than 4 medium-sized tuna cans/week. Oily fish must be avoided. Cooked shellfish, smoked trout & salmon and whitefish are totally safe for consumption.
At the time of pregnancy, it is safe to eat soft ice creams, since they are made using eggs and pasteurised milk.
There isn’t any kind of restriction on the intake of peanuts or food items containing peanuts during pregnancy, unless a woman is allergic.
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