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Pregnancy Support

Pregnancy Support

At Northside Acupuncture, I have had over thirteen years of experience in dealing with fertility, conception and pregnancy problems. I have dealt with women of all ages and it is quite surprising to see the number of women who despair of ever falling pregnant.

I offer dietary advice as well as lifestyle adjustments into the natural pre-conception care strategy along with incorporating Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. What I've seen in most cases is that within four to five cycles of acupuncture sessions most women are happily pregnant. And once a woman gets pregnant our pregnancy care support treatments happen to be beneficial for them, whether it be to help with morning sickness, nausea, threatened miscarriage, tiredness, lack of energy or any other issue.

So, what I've seen over the years is that combined with Chinese herbs, fertility acupuncture can help a lot in preparing a woman's body for natural conception. There are however some women who prove a little more difficult than others, but generally they just take a little more time to regulate their cycle. Once the cycle is regular, pregnancy follows quickly.

Thus, if you're considering to start a family or are having conception difficulties, then treatments at Northside Acupuncture can be of great help to you.