Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic Acupuncture may be beneficial in helping to slow the aging process caused by Stress, Worry, Sun Damage, Modern Day Life Syle and Pollution, as we age facial muscles start to loose their elasticity, production of Collagen deminishes, and the circulation of blood and energy that nourish the skin and facial muscles start to decline, unfortunately this happens to us all. As we start to age smile lines around the mouth and eyes become more noticeable, frown lines between the eyes and along the forehead become more prominant, the jowls start to sag slightly, and before you know it the bloom of youth is starting to fade.

With the use of Acupuncture point's on the face, Collagen production may be stimulated, the levels of Collagen may increased, the circulation of blood and energy levels to nourish skin and facial muscles may rise and a tightening of muscles begins. Where the smile and frown lines are most noticeable  tiny interdermal needles are inserted superficialy along these lines to stimulate the flow of blood, energy and more Collagen to these areas, resulting in the gradual filling in and fading of the more prominant lines, the skin begins to take on a more healthy glow due to the extra nourishment it is receiveing.

This is a gradual process and a once weekly acupuncture treatment is recommended for at least three months to see good results achieved, during these weekly acupuncture treatments certain acupuncture points are used to tonify the body and regulate the internal organ functions, which results in a more relaxed and energised client, most clients comment on how relaxed  and well the feel after just a couple of treatments. The client is also taught a couple of massage techniques that are performed for ten minutes nightly on the face before bed, along with the use of certain nourishing oils, this nightly regime helps enhance the effectiveness of the weekly acupuncture treatments. It also helps relax and soothe the client, resulting in a better nights sleep, which also enhances the treatments effectiveness. 

Once a satisfactory result is achieved the acupuncture treatments, are reduced to a monthly maintainence treatment, the facial massage is continued nightly, the results achieved can be quite noticeable and clients are usually very happy with the results.