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IVF Support Treatments

IVF Support Treatments

Northside Acupuncture has many years experience provide support treatments prior to the commencement and during an IVF cycle.

For a 3 months prior to the commencement of an IVF cycle it is very beneficial to use Chinese Herbal preparations and Acupuncture, this leads to a good healthy lining to the womb, ensures an adequate blood supply to nourish the endometrium of the womb, and also nourish the ovaries and help develop more follicles, prior to collection.

Once the IVF cycle has commenced then in most instances the IVF clinics prefer that the use of Chinese herbal preparations are dispensed with, but will generally recommend Acupuncture during the IVF cycle as a support treatment, on the day of egg retreival, an Acupuncture treatment is reccomended prior to collection, and then on the day of egg transfer whether it be a 3 day transfer or a 5 day transfer, an Acupuncture treatment on the morning before transfer and then as soon after transfer on the same day as the client can return to the clinic for a post transfer Acupuncture treatment. On day three after transfer another Acupuncture treatment is recommended to aid with implantation and to ensure a good circulation of blood to the womb.

If the IVF procedure results in a positive pregnancy, then weekly Acupuncture treatments are recommended up until week seven when an ultra sound is usually done to see if there is a healthy heart beat present.

Research has shown that IVF cycles done with Acupuncture result in 40% - 55 % more pregnancy's than IVF cycles that have not had Acupuncture as part of the support treatments.

Northside Acupuncture and Traditional Chines Medicine Clinic is one of IVF Australia Prefered Practitioners