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Pain Relief

Pain Relief

 Acupuncture  is very beneficial as a treatment in the  relief of pain, I see clients every day of the week with pain related problems , whether it be back pain , upper and lower back pain, neck pain, knee and joint pain, hip pain, sciatic pain or just general muscular pain and aching of the body , most clients experience immediate relief from just one Acupuncture treatment, a couple of follow up Acupuncture Treatments are usually all that is needed, to bring complete relief of the painful condition.

Pain is a condition that many people live with every day of their lives, taking a cocktail of pain relieving medication daily, the side affects of this long term use of strong pain killers can have a far greater detrimental affect on the persons health than the actuall Pain  they are trying to alleviate. we have a number of different herbs that we can use individually or combined together in a Herbal Formula  that give relief to Acute and Chronic Pain, having little or no side affects  at all , these can in most cases be taken in conjunction with western medical drugs without any contraindications or interaction between the two, your TCM Practitioner is able to determine quite readily wether there will be an interaction between any medication being taken and the herbal formula that may be prescribed by them.

At Northside Acupuncture I pride myself on my ability to be able to relieve the suffering and discomfort that goes with Pain, it is deeply gratifying for me to have clients come to my clinic suffering Pain and to leave after an acupuncture treatment that has relieved them of the discomfort of pain that they have been suffering,  and with a few follow up treatments in most cases, be completely free of pain.